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Manufactured in Spain by Arcos, the company have been making hand crafted knives and cutlery since 1745. To the day the original processes show though with the quality of the products. 

Knife, fork and spoon. This trio of essential tools that we use each day is only a symbolic part of the multitude of items that form a complete cutlery set. The stainless steel from which they are made gives them a strength and durability that seems almost endless.

Blades are made from martensitic stainless steel with a high percentage of added chrome allowing them to achieve a level of 48 HRc hardness. Composition: 0,30% carbon (C); 13,70% chrome (Cr); 0,30% magnisium (Mn); 0,20% silicon (Si). The handles are made from a durable Polyoxymethylene and solid steel fittings.

115mm Blade Height